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HORUS is a NASA Origins Science Mission concept study to construct and fly an optical/UV orbiting telescope to survey star formation environments near and far, under Principal Investigator Prof. Paul Scowen. The NASA NRA for the Origins Science Missions came out in early 2004. HORUS was one of nine missions selected out of a total field of 26 for concept study. Our initial report was given at a special session at the January 2005 AAS meeting in San Diego.

This website is intended for public delivery of information concerning the mission. If you have a question about the mission, please contact the PI.
Our Design Reference Mission Proposals are available publicly now that the Concept Study is completed. To visit and browse these documents visit our DRM webpage here.
The Origins Science Mission Concept Study concluded with the submission of final reports on May 13, 2005. The Final Report of the HORUS Team is available online here [PDF, 11.8 MB]

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